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International Poster Contest 2021



DESIGN THE POSTER 2021  -  International Poster Contest !

5.500 prize-money + VIP-Invitation

As organizers of the Hahnenkamm‐Race, the Kitzbühel Ski Club (K.S.C.) hereby invites all interested parties to participate in the competition to design the Hahnenkamm‐Race 2021 poster. The K.S.C. would like to continue their annual tradition, which started in 1987, of the official poster being designed by independent artists. This new type of open and international invitation to participate is intended to emphasize the reputation of this event as an „International Sport Festival“. The poster image itself is used to market the event on advertisements and other printed materials, such as tickets, merchandise and official web site etc. 

Entry submission is only possible in digital form and the winner will be decided by the emid of November 2019. Further details can be found on the Conditions of Tender, Poster 2021. The Kitzbühel Ski Club is looking forward to receiving numerous entries.

Contest Terms & Conditons

Entry Forms 2021

Board of Honour - Designed Posters

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