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Live Audio / Radio - Hahnenkamm Races 2018


Kitzbühel Ski Club offers the following audio services for the 78th Hahnenkamm Races:

Live Audio Commentary

Kitzbühel Ski Club has provided live audio commentary of the races and Downhill training on Thursday for the last eight successive years (since 2011), allowing blind and visually impaired ski enthusiasts to follow all the skiing action. With AUDIO2 Team and Gregor Waltl and Sebastian Kaufmann in the commentator’s box, the live stream will be exciting entertainment.
Working in conjunction with ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Company), the live audio commentary will be broadcast on two sound channels on ORF EINS, streamed live on the internet, as well as on 89.3 MHz local radio frequency.

English Commentator

Our commentator, Chris Cummins, will provide commentary for the Downhill training and race in the English language. Chris has been a regular feature for our international listeners for the past three years. The live stream can be listened to worldwide and free of charge. 

Stadium Announcer

The atmosphere on the racecourse can be experienced via the stadium announcer live stream. Not only are the races broadcast on this channel, but all live information from the finish area, as well as entertainment before and after the races.

Broadcasting Times:

Thursday 18th January 11:30 hrs downhill training
Friday 19th January 11:30 hrs Hahnenkamm super g
Saturday 20th  January 11:30 hrs Hahnenkamm downhill
Sunday 21st  January 11:30 hrs Hahnenkamm slalom - 1st run
  21st  January 11:30 hrs Hahnenkamm slalom - 2nd run

Live Streams:
On the Hahnenkamm website under Races 2018“ and ”Live Audio / Radio“:


Via Android and Apple apps:

On 89.3 MHz radio frequency in the finish area

Photo © K.S.C.

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