HKR Kitzbühel

Scheduled Program 2022


The FIS World Cup Subcommittee has convened. Further adjustments have been made to the international racing series to adapt to the ongoing special situation this coming winter. This also applies to the programme for the 82nd Hahnenkamm Races 2022. NEW - with a Kitzbühel Double Downhill!

While no spectators were admitted to the Kitzbühel Ski Races last winter, it is hoped that the overall situation will improve next year. Experience, however, has taught us to be cautious, so after consultations with the Hahnenkamm Race Organizers, the responsible FIS Race Director has adapted the programme and various committees have now confirmed it for the 2021/22 season.

NEW - in anticipation of further restrictions to the number of spectators, and knowing that fans are predominantly interested in the Downhill event,  a Double Downhill in Kitzbühel is now scheduled for the 82nd Hahnenkamm Races in 2022. The programme for the race week is expected to include:

Tues-Thurs 18th-20th January 2022 Hahnenkamm Downhill training (2)
Weds 19th January 2022 Longines Future Hahnenkamm Champions
Fri 21st January 2022 Hahnenkamm Kitzbühel Downhill
Sat 22nd January 2022 Hahnenkamm Original Downhill
Sun 23rd January 2022 Hahnenkamm Slalom

The Super-G, previously held on Friday and associated with many Austrian victories, will be held at a different venue. By having a Double Downhill in the programme, fans who cannot get tickets for Saturday due to spectator limitations, will have an alternative opportunity to watch "their" favourite race. The classic Slalom forms Sunday’s highlight and brings the Race Week to a close.

QUOTE (FIS Chief Race Director, Markus Waldner):  "The FIS Race Director emphasises future possibilities by having a Double Downhill in Kitzbühel. It is also about maintaining the well-known programme flexibility in Kitzbühel. We know from experience how quickly weather situations can change in times of climate change. Two Downhills offer more possibilities together with the Slalom. The fact that the downhill racing line remains unchanged after the training runs also represents an improvement for the slope situation. "

QUOTE (OC Chief, Michael Huber): "A Double Downhill at the Hahnenkamm is nothing unusual. Over 20 % of all race events held thus far have had two Downhill runs, this is a tradition at the Hahnenkamm.  We would like to accommodate the public in particular with this decision. As there was no opportunity for our many regular fans to visit the event in 2021, there should be a chance to get tickets for at least one race in the following year, despite the expected spectator limit. There has never been a spectator limit in the history of the HKR, but we will prepare for it in good time."