HKR Kitzbühel



In anticipation of further expected restrictions for public events with large crowds to continue in the coming winter, plans are already being made for the upcoming Race Weekend in January 2022 in Kitzbühel. Tickets will only be sold in advance by the Organizers. Sales are planned to commence in late autumn.

The record-breaking crowd of 50,000 fans at the 80th HKR will probably not be surpassed any time soon. In view of the announced guidelines for holding open-air public events in the summer, it is obvious that the Organizers at Kitzbühel Ski Club will have to change their planning of the previous ticketing system for the coming winter in good time.

This also means a fundamental change in the organization of ticket sales for the races. While ticket sales on race day have been the norm since the very beginning of the event, in future tickets will only be available exclusively in advance sales organized by Kitzbühel Ski Club, as Race Organizers. This will also apply to free admission for children and schoolchildren and other groups of people, who can only obtain admission rights via an advance reservation system.

In particular, the time factor needs to be reassessed. If advance sales, especially for special tickets in the VIP area, began nine months in advance, it is clear from knowledge of the virus development last late autumn, that time flexibility is imperative. With this in mind, HKR ticket sales will be put on "stand-by" for the coming months, as further developments are awaited. Kitzbühel Ski Club will only announce further details about the technical organization of ticket sales exclusively in advance after the end of the summer.

Huge thanks go to all fans for your understanding and patience. The best athletes in the world are probably hoping most of all that the skiing public will be standing on the sidelines, cheering them on again in the 2021/22 season. Until then, however, we must be patient - thank you.