HKR 2019

The Hahnenkamm-Race

Austria’s greatest sporting festival is entering its 78th year. Countless fans are already looking forward to the race days at Kitzbühel. They are undoubtedly the most attractive races in the World Cup circuit for the world’s best skiers. The Streif and Ganslern are synonyms for excitement, pure energy, centrifugal forces, artistry and ability. The evening awards ceremonies, numerous side events and Fan Zone in the historic town centre all add to the race entertainment. The international Junior Race marks the beginning of Race Week.

We would like to take this opportunity today to welcome all fans!


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HKR 2019


Erika "Riki" Mahringer-Spiess ist im ganz großen Ziel abgeschwungen
01.11.2018 11:23
Erika "Riki" Mahringer-Spiess ist im ganz großen Ziel abgeschwungen
Im Altern von 93 Jahren ist Erika Mahringer-Spiess am Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2018 verstorben.
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Foto: c Hans Bezard - Star Agency

30.10.2018 13:51 2
The first annual ‘Prix Armando Trovati’ AIJS photo ski contest was won by Austrian Photographer, Hans Bézard. His photograph shows Patrick Schweiger pushing a gate with his ski before he crashes...

Hans Bezard wins the "Prix Armando Trovati"
Busiest time on the Streif

30.10.2018 13:25 5
The Hahnenkamm team have their hands full. Today the snow retention system is installed. Thanks to our powerful team!

Busiest time on the Streif
Foto: c KSC/HKR

23.10.2018 14:18
Kitzbühel Ski Club (K.S.C.) has set the prize money for the 79th edition of the Hahnenkamm Races. Euro 550,000 in total will be distributed amongst the winning athletes.

Prize money decided
ORF Hahnenkamm Begehung

23.10.2018 10:34
Das sicherste Zeichen für den herannahenden Winter ist die alljährliche Herbstbegehung des KSC, als Veranstalter der Hahnenkamm-Rennen, und dem ORF.

ORF Hahnenkamm Begehung
Streif winner Thomas Dressen receives award

19.10.2018 11:24
Thomas Dressen may be congratulated cordially. He was voted "Skier of the Year" in Germany.

Streif winner Thomas Dressen receives award
Besprechung am Hausberg

13.09.2018 16:19 3
FIS Chef Renndirektor Markus Waldner sowie die beiden Renndirektoren Hannes Trinkl und Emanuel Couder weilten zwei Tage in der Gamsstadt zwecks Absprachen von notwendigen organisatorischen...

Hahnenkamm-Rennen starten in die heisse Phase

HKR 2019

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