HKR 2019


Start Super-G

The first Super-G in Kitzbühel took place in 1995. The first winner was Günter Mader (AUT). Since then it is known as one of the steepest and fastest Super-G courses worldwide.


Course name “Streifalm”
Start 1.345 m
Finish 805 m
Vertical drop 540 m
Course length 2.150 m
Gradient in avarage 24%
Maximum/minimum gradient 69% / 8%
Fis Homologation 10768/12/12
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The starting section features a 50% gradient. After the first obstacle, a sharp S-curve, the athletes reach the”Seidlalmsprung” with high speed.

Streifalm - Super-G


Hausbergkante” and the following traverseare undoubtedly the most demanding sections and exert maximum strain on the athletes. Due to the steep and fallaway terrain, the radius of right-hand turns will have to be extremely short while the left-hand turns will exert.

Streifalm - Super-G


The final Super-G sections “Zielschuss” and “Rasmusleitn” are a flight down the fall-line right to the finish among a cheering and enthusiastic crowd.

Streifalm - Super-G