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  • Tomorrow's skiing world elite

    Since the days of the founding father Franz Reisch, the promotion and support of young talent has been one of the core functions of the K.S.C.
    LONGINES Future Hahnenkamm ChampionsLONGINES Future Hahnenkamm ChampionsLONGINES Future Hahnenkamm ChampionsLONGINES Future Hahnenkamm ChampionsLONGINES Future Hahnenkamm ChampionsLONGINES Future Hahnenkamm Champions

    Tomorrow's skiing world elite

    Since the days of the founding father Franz Reisch, the promotion and support of young talent has been one of the core functions of the K.S.C. Back in 1904, 25 sets of skis were procured and given to local boys, who would never have been able to afford them otherwise. Lessons were given by Franz Reisch personally and free of charge. With that he created the prerequisites for the subsequent success of Kitzbühel ski athletes.

    The Junior Race has been a very special event for young talent since 2001. It provides a platform for upcoming skiers to partake in alpine ski sport at a competitive level. The race is a team event for which youth team coaches nominate their most promising young skiers aged 14 and 15 years (U16).

    On the first official training day for the Hahnenkamm Downhill, the junior athletes meet to give their best in a giant slalom and slalom race. It all kicks off at 10 hrs for the teams of four girls and four boys respectively with the giant slalom on the Ganslernhang Slope. After official training for the downhill stars has ended, which the youngsters are allowed to watch from the grandstands, the slalom race begins at 13.15 hrs.

    Admittedly, the race is not as serious as with the seniors. It does not mean that victory is lost for the whole team if someone fluffs a run. Individual results can be disregarded. The best team is awarded with their winner’s prize in the official race finish area. True to style, the trophies are miniature versions of the famous Kitzbühel “Gams” award.

    The spectacular setting, in which the young people can get a proper taste of Hahnenkamm racing conditions, is always an impressive experience.  “It is a thrill for young athletes to be able to take part in a race within the framework of the best World Cup ski races. It gives them an added incentive to deliver remarkable performances.” Hannes Trinkl, former racer & FIS Race Director.

    Truly professional – off piste too: The “Juniors Lounge” at the “Zielhaus” is reserved for the junior teams on race day; where young athletes can warm up and have food. Access is only possible with official accreditation. Before the races, the youngsters can get to know each other during an “Athlete’s Evening” – just like the pros. Moreover, K.S.C. pays for all living expenses with hotel accommodation and board for eight juniors (U16) and up to three coaches per team. Every team is reimbursed with the fuel costs for two buses. The winning team also receives a grant for financial support.   

    Spectators can also be assured: That amongst the winners, the names of which are still unknown, are very likely to be some of tomorrow’s ski stars. Previous Kitzbühel Junior Race competitors include Marcel Hirscher (AUT) 2003 and 2004, Dominik Paris (ITA) 2004, Beat Feuz (SUI) 2002, Matthias Mayer (AUT)  and Germany’s Fritz Dopfer (2001). The ladies list is no less illustrious with Tina Weirather (LIE), Anna Fenninger (AUT), Kathrin Zettel (AUT), Susanne Riesch (GER), Gina Stechert (GER), Katharina Dürr (GER) and Denise Feierabend (SUI).

  • Honour Board

    Hahnenkamm Junior Race
    No year team ladies men's  
    1 2001 Tirol 1 GEISLER Martina, TRIENDL Kathrin, DAUM Alexandra, STRENG Simone ORGLER Michael, SCHEIBER Dominik, SCHWEINBERGER M., GSTREIN Marcel  
    2 2002 AUT 1 STRENG Simone, TRIENDL Kathrin, SCHAFFER Andrea, Breuer Doris FUCHS Marko, PROMOK Franz, SCHEIBER Florian, UNTERBERGER Johannes  
    3 2003 AUT 1 FENNINGER Anna, HANAUSEK Katrin, POMBERGER Martina, TIPOTSCH Nina FUCHS Marco, GASSER Gerd, HIRSCHER Marcel, HOCHRIESER Christian  
    4 2004 Tirol WOPFNER Stefanie, NEUNER Jessica, KRÖLL Stefanie, KRAPPINGER Ursula TRIENDL Armin, CEIPEK Rene, WALSER Christoph, NAGILLER Roman  
    5 2005 AUT 1 KRÖLL Stefanie, PEMKOPF Evelyn, HOLLAUS Christine, MORIK Michelle, PÖLZGUTTER Benjamin, WALDER Christian, MAYER Matthias, HIRSCHBÜHL Christian  
    6 2006   race organised, cancelled    
      2007 2009 unscheduled    
    7 2010 Tirol MAIR Chiara, SPORER Marie-Therese, RIEDL Julia, AGER Christina ANNEWANTER Manuel, PITTERLE Martin, ERLER Tobias, SAMS Johannes  
    8 2011 AUT 1 ORTLIEB Nina, STÜCKLER Claudia, WIRTH Paulina, GROSSHAUPT Julia GRAF Mathias, PERTL Adrian, STÜCKLBERGER Martin, SCHWAIGER Sebastian  
    9 2012 SLO JURKOVIC Zaklina, KLANCISAR Kaia, PANCUR Lara, SLOKAR Andreja RUPNIK Matevz, LACEN Rok, KRALI Zan, RAKOVIC Andraz  
    10 2013 SUI GOOD Nicole, GANTENBEIN Talina, WESSNER Gina, ROHNER Cecile BERTHER Rafael, CAPLAZI Moreno, GUTKNECHT Yannick, HEHLI Gian-Andrea  
    11 2014   race organised, cancelled (wheater condition)    
    12 2015 Tirol RIML Sophie, SCHWAIGER Magdalena, ASTNER Nina THAURER Stefan, KOHLER Matthias, GSTREIN Luca  
    13 2016 AUT 1 RETTENWENDER Anna, GRILL Lisa, SCHÖRGHOFER Alina HÖLLER Elias, OBERHAMMER Simon, MEIßL Christoph  
      2017   unscheduled, because of Europacup    
    14 2018        
  • Announcement of intern. Hahnenkamm Junior Race 2019

    International Junior Race in Kitzbühel



    The race will be conducted as an international Junior-team (U16) competition. A combination (giant slalom and slalom) will be staged on the Ganslern slope.


    Teams from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia are expected. Further teams are pending. Three boys and three girls respectively (U 16 – born in 2003 and 2004) are allowed to compete at the Junior Race. The score will be evaluated based on the combined times of the best two male and female athletes. If several athletes drop out, a penalty system will be used to calculate times.


    The Organizer will cover the accommodation expenses for six juniors (U16) and up to three coaches per team. The hotel and meals will be organized by the K.S.C. Furthermore, every team will be reimbursed for the fuel costs of two busses / vehicles.


    • First Info acceptance / cancellation – End of November 2018
    • Registration Team / Team size – Thursday, 20. December 2018
    • Registration Athlets / Coaches – Saturday, 19. January 2019
    • Mail to:  Enable JavaScript to view protected content.


    Accreditation for the whole team will be given to the team leader at the Race Office. Accreditation will take place on Tuesday, 22. January 2019  from 13.00 to 16.00 hrs. The Race Office is located in the Congress Centre „K3“ (Chamber of Commerce) below the Hahnenkamm base lift station.


    On race day, the „Juniors Lounge“ room, located directly in the Zielhaus (Finishing Line Building – entrance at the bottom of the building) will be reserved. Team members can warm up there and deposit their bags. Food and drinks will be provided at a buffet. Entrance is only permitted to accredited persons!


    Two parking spaces are provided for every team free of charge at the Ganslernbahn Lifts on race day. The parking permission permit is included in the accreditation documents.


    The Kitzbühel Ski Club‘s (K.S.C.) honorary prize for the winning team is the “Ehrengams – Chamois”. The Silver Gams will be awarded to every competitor ranking from 1 to 5 (Team score).


    Tuesday, 22 January 2019

    14:00 - 16:00 hrs Arrival and Accreditation (raceoffice Hahnenkamm-Race, K3 - KitzCongress)
    16:00 hrs Team Captains Meeting (raceoffice, 1. floor)
    17:00 Uhr Welcome - Opening Race Week 
    followed by Junior Race "Welcome Evening"

    Wednesday, 23 January 2019

    09:15 - 09:45 hrs Race course "Ganslern" - Inspection Giant Slalom (1. run) 
    10:00 hrs START Giant Slalom - 1. run
    11:30 hrs Visit Downhill Training (Tribune) - Option, tbc
    12:30 - 12:45 hrs Race course "Ganslern" - Inspection Slalom (2. rund)
    13:15 hrs START Slalom - 2. run
    followed by Prize award
    followed by trip home

    Refund of travelling expenses 

    Rank Team - Refund 
    1. Rank 3.500,00 Euro
    2. Rank 3.000,00 Euro
    3. Rank 2.500,00 Euro
    4. Rank 2.000,00 Euro
    5. Rank 1.500,00 Euro
    6. Rank 1.100,00 Euro
    7. Rank 1.100,00 Euro
    8. Rank 1.100,00 Euro
    9. Rank 1.100,00 Euro
    10. Rank 1.100,00 Euro
    Total 18.000 Euro


    Kitzbüheler Ski Club (K.S.C.), Organizer Hahnenkamm-Race
    Hinterstadt 4 | 6370 Kitzbühel | Austria
    Barbara Thaler, Phone Office +43 5356 62301 10 | Mail

  • All participants so far - Junior Race & Europacup

    Hahnenkamm Junior Race and Europacup

    The Junior Race shows the next generation of the ski elite. Besides the "Honour board of the Junior Race" we present you here all of the competitors so far