HKR 2016

Athletes have inspected the Streif

The athletes’ first impression: all positive. Dominik Paris: “I’m happy with the course’s condition. Everything should be perfect come Saturday’s race.” Kjetil Jansrud: “I’ve seldom seen the Streif in such good condition. But of course, I won’t be risking it all in this first training run.” Adrien Theaux: “The grip is good, but it’s just as difficult a race as every year.” Guillermo Fayed: “I really enjoyed the inspection. It’s a top notch piste.” Georg Streitberger: “The course is in very good condition. Really very nice.” Aksel Lund Svindal: “Outstanding course, but I’ll take it a little slower in the first run.” Erik Guay: “It’s nice to be back on the Streif after two years, but I’ll have to use this first training session to get used to it again.”