HKR 2018

Europacup live on ORF

It is not only a premiere at the Hahnenkamm today when the upcoming athletes hurtle down the Streif, but also on ORF. The Austrian broadcasting house will be screening the „little brother“ of the World Cup live for the very first time. The usual countdown begins at 9.55 hrs and the race begins at 10.15 hrs. A summary of the day’s happenings will be shown this evening on "Sport aktuell" (19.55 hrs).  It is also well worth tuning in to ServusTV this evening from 21:15 hrs: Amongst others, Fritz Strobl and Max Franz feature in the "Sport und Talk" special edition from the Seidlalm, where discussions focus on the World Cup and Hahenkamm Races. The interesting evening viewing is rounded off at 23:10 hrs with the "Streif Inside" documentary.   

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