HKR 2017

Hahnenkam-Downhill Start List

Hahnenkam-Downhill Start List
The first race day of the 77th Hahnenkamm-Races comes to an end with a sea of Austrian flags waving at this evening’s award ceremony, in the scope of which a bib draw for the top-athletes completed the start list for tomorrow’s Downhill. Start numbers for those racers further down in the global ranking had already been drawn during this afternoon’s Team Captains Meeting. The Downhill will be opened by US racer Steven Nyman, who was fastest in the first training run. Hannes Reichelt with bib number six will be the first Austrian to race, while Super-G victor Matthias Mayer waits for his turn as 18th in line. Click here to view the entire start list.
Nyman, StevenUSA
2Ganong, TravisUSA
3Theaux, AdrienFRA
4Kueng, PatrickSUI
5Fill, PeterITA
6Reichelt, HannesAUT
7Jansrud, KjetilNOR
8Baumann, RomedAUT
9Paris, DominikITA
10Kriechmayr, VincentAUT
11Fayed, GuillermoFRA
12Franz, MaxAUT
13Feuz, BeatSUI
14Kline, BostjanSLO
15Janka, CarloSUI
16Innerhofer, ChristofITA
17Guay, ErikCAN
18Mayer, MatthiasAUT
19Kilde, Aleksander AamodtNOR
20Clarey, JohanFRA
21Sander, AndreasGER
22Giezendanner, BlaiseFRA
23Kroell, KlausAUT
24Giraud Moine, ValentinFRA
25Weibrecht, AndrewUSA
26Bennett, BryceUSA
28Striedinger, OtmarAUT
29Thomsen, BenjaminCAN
30Poisson, DavidFRA