HKR 2020


Verdienter Skitag des Netz-Teams

11.02.2019 13:29 12
In den vergangenen Wochen leistete das Netz-Team eine starke Arbeit. Bis zu den Rennen kämpfte das Team mit dem Schnee und die Netze mussten vom Schnee befreit werden.

Verdienter Skitag des Netz-Teams
Those were the 79th Hahnenkamm-Races

08.02.2019 14:07 9
A race week of superlatives Left turn, right swing and tuck down to the finish line - the 79th Hahnenkamm Races consisted of exciting "passages" from the European Cup Downhill,...

Those were the 79th Hahnenkamm-Races
Like father, like son

27.01.2019 17:05 3
Exactly 40 years ago: Sepp Ferstl, father of this year’s Super-G winner, Josef Ferstl, won Downhill gold for a second time on the Streif. It was the beginning of an incredible success story...

Like father, like son
Photo: AS-Photography

27.01.2019 15:19 7
The 79th Hahnenkamm Races 2019 came to a close with today’s Super-G. In the morning, it looked as though there would be another cloudy day ahead, but blue skies and...

Race Report: Super G
Hahnenkamm - Legends of the Year 2019

27.01.2019 13:36
On the occasion of the 79th Hahnenkamm Races, three legends were honoured again this year for their great historic achievements...

Hahnenkamm - Legends of the Year 2019
Dana Mackenzie

27.01.2019 11:10
Every year, the Hahnenkamm Races draw fans from all over the world to Kitzbühel. Every spectator has their own special bond with the legendary skiing event. Dana Mackenzie’s story shows...

At Last – from the Mini-Hahnenkamm to the Streif
café+co and BWT are our partners at the Hahnenkamm Races

27.01.2019 10:45
Any weariness is banished at the touch of a button with café+co. Their coffee machines have become a familiar sight...

café+co and BWT are our partners at the Hahnenkamm Races
Karl Schranz (©Photo:K.S.C.)

27.01.2019 08:45 3
The world’s best ski racers have been battling for the coveted “Hahnenkamm Champion“ title since Friday. Three skiing legends who have already achieved just that are...

Schranz, Ferstl, Neureuther: Three Hahnenkamm Legends
Photo: K.S.C./EXPA/Johann Groder

26.01.2019 19:30 4
The atmosphere in the finish area at today’s public prize giving ceremony for the Slalom was sensational. Countless viewers celebrated the top 5 racers as they marched onto the balcony...

Slalom Prize Giving Ceremony
Last Team Captains Meeting on Saturday

26.01.2019 17:45 3
It was an impressive race day. The previous record of 26,000 spectators at the Ganslernhang Slalom was surpassed today with a whopping 39,000 viewers...

Last Team Captains Meeting on Saturday
Photo: K.S.C.

26.01.2019 17:33 15
A selection of pictures from today (26.01.19)

Saturday: Today's Highlights

26.01.2019 16:55 6
After a thrilling Slalom race, the next highlight was not far off: The Kitz-Charity-Trophy. As soon as the last racer had swerved into the finish area and the last interviews had...

A Recap of the Kitz-Charity-Trophy
Clement Noel

26.01.2019 16:45
The sweet smell of a World Cup victory – and Clement Noel seems to have gotten a taste for it in no time at all. The 21-year-old Frenchman has...

Clement Noel
Hahnenkamm Reception

26.01.2019 16:20 3
A warm welcome was prepared at the foot of the Streif for our honorary guests from the worlds of sport and business. K.S.C President, Michael Huber, welcomed those...

Hahnenkamm Reception
Photo: Red Bull

26.01.2019 15:16
Not only will the ski racers give rise to some powerful emotions during the legendary races on the Streif, air shows by the Flying Bulls and the Austrian...

Perfect Formation Flights at HKR 2019