HKR 2017

Start List 1st Training Run

Start List 1st Training Run
The time has finally arrived! During the second Team Captain’s Meeting on Tuesday, eager anticipation for the first training run (tomorrow 11:30 hrs, live on ORF1) was palpable. Chief of Race, Axel Naglich, and FIS Race Director, Markus Waldner, clarified final details on the course with the teams, such as a small change to the Seidlalmboden section, before the start numbers were drawn.  Tomorrow’s training will be opened by Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, followed by Patrick Küng and Erik Guay, before Hannes Reichelt takes to the Streif as the first Austrian athlete. Other notable start numbers: Max Franz starts in tenth position, Kjetil Jansrud in 13th, Dominik Paris in 15th and Matthias Mayer in 18th.

The entire start list in detail.

Kilde, Aleksander Aamodt NOR
2 Kueng, Patrick SUI
3 Guay, Erik CAN
4 Reichelt, Hannes AUT
5 Fayed, Guillermo FRA
6 Innerhofer, Christof ITA
7 Theaux, Adrien FRA
8 Ganong, Travis USA
9 Fill, Peter ITA
10 Franz, Max AUT
11 Nyman, Steven USA
12 Giraud Moine, Valentin FRA
13 Jansrud, Kjetil NOR
14 Kline, Bostjan SLO
15 Paris, Dominik ITA
16 Baumann, Romed AUT
17 Feuz, Beat SUI
18 Mayer, Matthias AUT
19 Janka, Carlo SUI
20 Clarey, Johan FRA
21 Striedinger, Otmar AUT
22 Kroell, Klaus AUT
23 Thomsen, Benjamin CAN
24 Giezendanner, Blaise FRA
25 Poisson, David FRA
26 Bennett, Bryce FRA
27 Osborne-Paradis, Manuel CAN
28 Weibrecht, Andrew USA
29 Kriechmayr, Vincent AUT
30 Sander, Andreas GER