HKR 2018

Tirol Hosted a Reception

A delegation from traditional Kitzbühel associations marched in procession, Kitzbühel Town Band struck up the Tyrolean national Anthem and the "Schützen" Home Guard fired am honrary volley of shots: right on time for the beginning of the Race Week, Tyrol's Govenor, Günther Platter, hosted a reception in Kitzbühel's centre. A whole host of distinguished guests accepted the invitation to attend, including the Agricultual Minister, Andrä Rupprechter, Govenor of Lower Austria, Erwin Pröll, Presidental candidate, Andreas Kohl, Kitzbühel's Mayor, Klaus Winkler and ski legends, Ernst Hinterseer, Karl Schranz, Mario Matt and Manfred Pranger.

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