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1st debriefing with the Austrian Armed Forces

1st debriefing with the Austrian Armed Forces

The first debriefing with the Armed Forces took place on Tuesday, 10th December. The Pioneer Battalion 2 Salzburg will be on duty at Hahnenkamm 2020. The days spent in Kitzbühel are always a special time for recruits. The Hahnenkamm Week is always a source of new experiences, diversity, sporting challenges and burgeoning friendships. "The recruits are delighted they are able to be so close to all the racing action and, above all, the recognition they receive from the racers and HKR-OK," says Colonel Gerhard Pfeifer.  "They are able to see the results of their hard work and take fond and abiding memories home with them!  The Organizing Committee is already looking forward to welcoming the Pioneers from Salzburg.

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Finally, may we just say thanks!

25.01.2021 16:32
The 81st Hahnenkamm Races came to an end on Monday, 25th January. It is now time to say thank you to all those involved, as well as our fans.

Finally, may we just say thanks!
Siegerehrung Resch Erwin - Wirnsberger Peter - Zurbriggen Pirmin

24.01.2021 17:13
Beat Feuz accomplished on Sunday what only eight other athletes have achieved before: double Downhill victory on the Streif.

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