HKR 2017

1st Training – Best Time for Nyman

1st Training – Best Time for Nyman
Kitzbühel welcomed the downhill racers to the 77th Hahnenkamm Races with magnificent sunshine. The 1st training run for the Downhill on Saturday (22.1., 11:30 hrs) took place under perfect conditions. A slight change was made to the course at Hausberg, to enable the racers to hold a better line on entering the Traverse section. ”The small amendment to the slope is noticeable, I think it is good“, said Dominik Paris (ITA) after the course inspection. Steven Nyman was most at home on the hill. The American well and truly put himself on the downhill map with a time of 1:57.25 minutes. Switzerland’s Beat Feuz crossed the finish line 0.37 second behind, followed by Frenchman, Johan Clarey in third place, 0.95 seconds behind Nyman. "You really have to stay on the ball here, be constantly engaged. I feel I am ready to race”, said Nyman, satisfied with the first training run. Kriechmayr is the fastest Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr leads the Austrian pack, who finished in fourth, fifth and seventh positions. ”For an Austrian, there is no better feeling than to ski on the Streif. The Downhill is the ultimate discipline and the Streif is a few notches above that“, the 25 year-old is looking forward to the weekend. ”When everyone has to buckle their boots up for the course inspection, you know you are looking at a hill that deserves respect.“ Matthias Mayer landed in fifth place,1.01 seconds behind. ”I like it very much; the slope is stupendous. A little bumpy in the top section, where it is a bit of a battle. It is beautifully prepared down in the bottom.“, said the Carinthian after the 1st training run. „There is always going to be an element of nervousness, and you need a healthy respect for this course.“ Hannes Reichelt was hot on his teammate’s heels and came seventh. “The top section of the course is particularly challenging this year. The bottom part of the piste, however, is in great condition. I plan to test my limits tomorrow. Now it’s time to improve from run to run.” Christof Innerhofer (ITA), who missed out on Wengen because of his fall in St. Caterina, came in 1.17 seconds behind and is ranked eighth. „This injury is taking longer than I thought. I think I will have a break tomorrow, because I am not up to skiing every day. It is very probable, however, that I will compete on Friday“, explained the South Tyrolean during an interview with ORF. Val Gardener winner, Max Franz, ended up in 15th place, 1,52 seconds behind, but immediately ahead of Kjetil Jansrud (NOR), Domnik Paris and last year’s winner, Peter Fill (both ITA). ”It was a good training run. I looked at a few things. It is a very different slope to Wengen. It was soft there, whereas it is really hard here. It was good, but the top section left its mark” said Franz. ”I definitely need to watch the video.“ 1st Downhill Training Results
1NYMAN Steven USA 1:57.25
2FEUZ Beat SUI+0.37
3CLAREY Johan FRA+0.95
4KRIECHMAYR Vincent AUT+0.96
5MAYER Matthias AUT+1.01
6MUZATON Maxence FRA+1.06
7REICHELT Hannes AUT+1.08
8INNERHOFER Christof ITA+1.17
9JANKA Carlo SUI+1.25
10GUAY Erik CAN+1.29
11CASSE Mattia ITA+1.30
12SANDER Andreas GER+1.34
13THEAUX Adrien FRA+1.44
14THOMSEN Benjamin CAN+1.51
15FRANZ Max AUT+1.52
16PARIS Dominik ITA+1.55
16JANSRUD Kjetil NOR+1.55
16FILL Peter ITA+1.55
19GIRAUD MOINE Valentin FRA+1.66
21DRESSEN Thomas GER+1.98
22FERSTL Josef GER+2.02
22GANONG Travis USA+2.02
24DANKLMAIER Daniel AUT+2.22
25FAYED Guillermo FRA+2.44
26KILDE Aleksander Aamodt NOR+2.45
28POISSON David FRA+2.52
29KROELL Klaus AUT+2.60
30BERTHOLD Frederic AUT+2.77
31WALDER Christian AUT+2.79 (DQP)
32CAVIEZEL Mauro SUI+2.82
33BRANDNER Klaus GER+2.83
34NEUMAYER Christopher AUT+2.85
35BAUMANN Romed AUT+2.86
36GOLDBERG Jared USA+2.95
37BENNETT Bryce USA+3.08
38SPORN Andrej SLO+3.09
39PERKO Rok SLO+3.14
40KOELL Alexander SWE+3.19
41SEJERSTED Adrian Smiseth NOR+3.20
42KUENG Patrick SUI+3.21
43CAZZANIGA Davide ITA+3.25
44CATER Martin SLO+3.34
46SCHWAIGER Dominik GER+3.50
48WEIBRECHT Andrew USA+3.55
49KLINE Bostjan SLO+3.58
50PUCHNER Joachim AUT+3.73
51RAFFORT Nicolas FRA+3.87
52MONSEN Felix SWE+3.93
53BUZZI Emanuele ITA+4.10
54WEBER Ralph SUI+4.39
55KOSI Klemen SLO+4.47
56BATTILANI Henri ITA+4.60
57ROMAR Andreas FIN+4.67
58THOMPSON Broderick CAN+4.69
59BIESEMEYER Thomas USA+4.75
61MANI Nils SUI+4.92
62PANGRAZZI Paolo ITA+4.98
63COOK Dustin CAN+5.34
64WERRY Tyler CAN+6.21
65ZAMPA Andreas SVK+6.41
66FRISCH Jeffrey CAN+6.65
67DEBELAK Tilen SLO+8.04
68ACHIRILOAIE Ioan Valeriu ROU+10.95
69BARANDUN Gian Luca SUI+19.93