HKR 2018

Alex Katholnig-Race Office staff member

Alex Katholnig is the deputy race secretary of the K.S.C. Office. Duties including technical aspects of the competitions, preparation of the bib number draw, team accreditation and supporting the Technical Delegate are some of his responsibilities. The TD acts at a "Controller", who double-checks regulations for FIS, whereas the Race Secretary makes sure regulations are adhered to from the Ski Club's side of things. This is very complex and needs to be handled differently according to each discipline and situation. He is also responsible for writing reports after meetings held by the technical officials, the jury and the team captains. Writing the FIS-Programmes is also the Race Secretary's job. Smooth cooperation between the event host, FIS, EBU (responsible for marketing TV-rights, TV-breaks and advertisements) and the ORF are essential, to ensure the highest possible safety and a seamless and successful event. After all, everyone involed in the Races, whether piste workers, security or journalists, must adhere to this programme, which is why highest concentration is required.

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