HKR 2021

Finally, may we just say thanks!


The 81st Hahnenkamm Races came to an end on Monday, 25th January. It is now time to say thank you to all those involved, as well as our fans.

These were exceptional Hahnenkamm Races as, for the first time since their premiere in 1931, the pandemic prevented spectators from being allowed to join the sidelines. The event was (nonetheless) a great success and head of the Organizing Committee, Michael Huber, would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their “effort, commitment, enthusiasm and ability to endure adversity”:

  • the members and officials of the Organizing Committee 
  • the journalists
  • all teams from the twelve participating countries
  • all sponsors and ORF television partners
  • WWP Marketing Agency, as well as EBU and IMG
  • Austria Federal Army
  • the ARGE consortium partners of Kitzbühel Municipality, Kitzbühel Tourism and Bergbahn AG (Cable Car Co)
  • the racecourse landowners
  • the fans watching from home

The 82nd Hahnenkamm Races will take place from 17th to 23rd January 2022, when Michael Huber hopes that: “The sport is once again paramount in 2022 and that spectators may cheer on the racers from the sidelines of the Streif and Ganslern racecourses."

Thank you!

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Foto: KSC/Alpinguin

19.07.2021 16:17 19
What better way to celebrate the renovated and modernized famous Starthaus on top of the Hahnenkamm than with the grand opening of a medal exhibition.

Medal Exhibition opened
In memory of Gian Franco Kasper, our friend and K.S.C. member!

11.07.2021 10:28
Kitzbühel Ski Club mourns the loss of the longstanding FIS President, who passed away aged 77 on Saturday 10.7.2021, following a brief but serious illness.

In memory of Gian Franco Kasper, our friend and K.S.C. member!