HKR Kitzbühel

FIS Summer Inspection


Every year in September. a FIS inspection for the upcoming races takes place on the Hahnenkamm racecourses. The time came again on Tuesday, 24th September. FIS representatives, Markus Waldner (FIS Chief Race Director), Hannes Trinkl and Emmanuel Couder (both FIS Race Directors) got together with HKR OC Chief Michael Huber, Chief of Race, Mario Weinhandl, KSC team, Gerhard Raffler and Jan Überall, as well as Hannes Rinderer (WWP) to inspect the racecourses, analyse previous HKR events and discuss details for the upcoming 80th Hahnenkamm Races in January. The objective of the exercise is to ensure thorough preparation of all aspects of the HKR. Priority will be given to safety measures - both on and off the racecourses.