HKR 2018

Hannes Huter looks after K.S.C. guests of honour

Celebrities always love returning to Kitzbühel 350 celebrities from the worlds of business, politics and entertainment were delighted to accept K.S.C.'s invitation to attend the 76th annual Hahnenkamm Races. This is in no small way thanks to the efforts of K.S.C Vice President, Hannes Huter, who has been responsible for marketing and public relations for the last 25 years. His job spec includes looking after the honorary guests that K.S.C. invites to the Hahnenkamm Races. Huter ensures that the guests on the VIP tribune enjoy an unforgettable Race Weekend. The list of invited VIPs was ready two months ago- „and they were all happy to respond to the invitation“, says Huter. „99 per cent of the personalities are uncomplicated and their wishes easily met.“ For example, we provide them with professional guides when required, to explore Kitzbühel and the slopes. Former Hahnenkamm winners Feature highly on the guest list. „They all love coming back to Kitzbühel“, says Huter.

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