HKR 2021



1961 - 60 years ago

In the last women's race on the Streif, Traudl Hecher wins the combination and with 5 victories becomes the most successful female racer on the Hahnenkamm. The 1st Hahnenkamm race with female participation took place in 1932, the combination winner at that time was Kufstein's Rini Andretta.

The classic combination start will also take place for the last time, what means, the top 5 of the downhill start as the first in the slalom in a fallen order.

Completely new, however, is the use of brushwood to mark the track at the section “Steilhang Ausfahrt”.

Picture: Unfortunately there is no ticket sales this year, the picture shows tickets for the races in 1961. Quite rustic, no plastic and no QR code

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