HKR 2017

In-house start to Race Week

The in-house start to Race Week is marked by the ARGE partners’ traditional visit to the Start Hut on the Saturday prior to Race Week. It is an opportunity for the members of the Organizational Committee (OC) to bring representatives of the Kitzbühel municipality, Kitzbühel Tourism and Bergbahn AG Cable Car Co. Kitzbühel “Kitzski” up to date with information on preparations for the impending 77th International Hahnenkamm Races. Sepp Burger (Bergbahn executive) commented on how the infrastructure and staff skills have been important in providing such a composed start to this year’s Race Week. Signe Reisch (Chairlady of Kitzbühel Tourism) spoke on behalf of Kitzbühel Tourism, expressing thanks for everybody’s commitment thus far. Especially for the hosting of the Europacup, which, combined with the Hahnenkamm-Races, turns the event into a true Race Week. Deputy mayor and sports official, Gerhard Eilenberger made a point of mentioning the extensive support provided by Kitzbühel authorities in and around the event venue. OC President, Michael Huber, thanked all those present for works completed thus far and addressed sporting trends, as well as those in the general political domain. The organizing committee will continue to tackle this challenging undertaking wi