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Kitz Charity Race: 300,000 euros for the good cause

Kitz Charity Race: 300,000 euros for the good cause

Kitz Charity Race celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, raising 300,000 euros again for mountain farming families who have involuntarily fallen upon hard times. Since its premiere, the charity campaign has raised over 2.8 million euros.

25 years ago, the start signal was given for what would later develop into a great charity success story: the Kitz Charity Trophy. The charity race took place again this year on Saturday after the Downhill race on the finishing slope of the Streif. Since its inception, the original idea has been based on a tried and tested principle: personalities from the sport, corporate and show business worlds daringly "plunge" down the final slope of the Streif. Thanks to loyal sponsors and the participants themselves, around 2.8 million Euros have been raised since the race’s maiden event in 1998. To date, these funds have provided welcome assistance to over 360 needy mountain farming families in North, East and South Tyrol.

The principle of the fun event on the Rasmusleitn slope consists of a little skill and a lot of luck, with teams of three skiers first tackling a giant slalom before rolling a dice at the finish. The sum of the three finishing times is then multiplied by the number rolled - which means you hit the jackpot with a 1, or you "crash" with a 6. But despite the VIPs being keen to win, their focus was, of course, their commitment to the good cause. It is also up to the participants to decide in which manner they prefer to cross the finish line. Although most of them choose to complete the course on classic skis, those with different preferences are more than welcome to exercise them. Fabio Wibmer, for example, completed the race on his bike, but snowboards and sledges were also used.

Michael Fassbender, Melissa Naschenweng, Andrea Sixt, Franz Klammer, Aksel Lund Svindal, Sebastian Vettel, Lukas Braathen, Armin Assinger, Rurik Gislason, Stephan Eberharter, Hannes Reichelt, Harti Weirather, Jean Alesi, Didier Cuche, Fritz Strobl, Marco Büchel, Franz Tost, Luc Alphand, Hans Knauss, Rainer Schönfelder, Martin Leitner, Benjamin Raich, Johan Eliasch, DJ Ötzi with his daughter Lisa-Marie and the Elevator Boys all enjoyed getting involved this year.

The team featuring Melissa Naschenweng, Armin Assinger and Aditotoro ultimately performed best, demonstrating the perfect symbiosis between racing and rolling the dice.

A huge thank you to all sponsors and participants for their gallantry and generosity. Here's to the next 25 years!

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