HKR 2021

Piste prepping in glorious weather


After a stormy Wednesday, preparations for the 81st Hahnenkamm Races continued on Thursday under brilliant sunshine.

Around 40 centimetres of fresh snow has fallen on the Hahnenkamm since Tuesday night and, after a stormy Wednesday, work to clear it from the slopes commenced on Thursday. Highly concentrated drivers navigated three snow groomers secured with steel cables through the Start Area and Steilhang sections in the morning. At the same time, work began on injecting the Streif with water to make it more compact.

The slopes are race-ready again from the Seidlalm and Lärchenschuss sections, so safety work to the left and right of the racecourse could be continued. This also includes the Finish Area, whose shape is improving day by day. Developments that still amaze even the biggest Hahnenkamm insiders: a Finish Area without its characteristic grandstands and standing room for our fans will hopefully remain a one-off exception.

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„Die Streif im Frühjahr“ - Lawinengleitschutznetze
Finally, may we just say thanks!

25.01.2021 16:32
The 81st Hahnenkamm Races came to an end on Monday, 25th January. It is now time to say thank you to all those involved, as well as our fans.

Finally, may we just say thanks!