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Prelude to the White Sausage Party on the Hahnenkamm


Only a few days before the legendary White Sausage Party at the Stanglwirt, this year’s batch of white sausages were sampled by members of Kitzbühel Ski Club at the Starthaus on the Hahnenkamm. Stanglwirt’s junior director, Maria Hauser and chef, Daniel Padaritsch, were also in attendance. 

The White Sausage Party at the Stanglwirt in Going is a longstanding tradition. As is the courteous refusal of the invitation to attend by Kitzbühel Ski Club President, Michael Huber: "I'm always invited, but I can never make it." He is simply too busy during Race Week. So, he came up with an idea: "I quite cheekily asked in summer if the Ski Club could fulfil the role of sausage taster. On the Saturday before the start of Race Week, we always have to decide when the first training run will take place, and because a decision like that is very stressful, it would be great to get some refreshments." Michael Huber told Maria Hauser about his proposal - and the Stanglwirt junior director took him up on the idea.

The prelude to the White Sausage Party was held in the Starthaus on Mount Hahnenkamm – high over the rooftops of Kitzbühel. Maria Hauser brought not only plenty to eat and drink with her, but also chef Daniel Padaritsch.

"The wonderful collaboration we have with the Ski Club and the Hahnenkamm Races brings us enormous pleasure. It's all part of one great entity, as we consider our party to be a pleasant addition to the sports programme," said Maria Hauser before dishing up the sausages from the special cauldron in the Starthaus lounge. And this brings us full circle, as the “Weißwurst” White Sausage Party originated 33 years ago at the traditional regulars' table of Austrian skiers at the Stanglwirt. Bavarian master butcher Toni Holnburger was also present at the premiere and offered to donate his wares to the occasion. Since then, this erstwhile familial evening has snowballed into a mega party with 2,800 guests and around 100 media representatives. Incidentally, the ÖSV athletes still visit the Stanglwirt every year, but now a few days before the traditional White Sausage Party with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ralf Möller, DJ Ötzi and co.

The atmosphere at the sausage sampling in the Starthaus was also convivial, as Maria Hauser eagerly awaited Kitzbühel Ski Club’s verdict: "If we had to award stars for the white veal sausages, it would be a starry sky," said Michael Huber delightedly, garnering unanimous support from his colleagues. In other words, the veal sausages have met with undisputed approval and the (sold-out) party on Friday evening at the Stanglwirt can begin as planned.

Photo © K.S.C./alpinguin

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