HKR 2016

Slip Crews are in action

There’s a lot of preparation work to do on the slopes at the moment. Slip crews have been working on the Streif tirelessly to clear the piste of fresh snow. Today, Sunday, they will be happy to hear about the arrival of extra support: 15 new volunteers have come to help out. A slip crew’s job is not easy, as it requires a structured approach. The teams quickly slip from the top of the Streif to the bottom in small tracks, to ensure that the piste meets all safety requirements in time for Tuesday’s training. It is an honour for the volunteers to be able to support the K.S.C. Hans-Peter Ellinger (Westendorf): “Having been a volunteer for the past 30 years, I know the Streif like the back of my hand. It never gets old. Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll even bring some friends along who want to help, if we need extra support.” Markus Ellinger (Westendorf): “This is my first time volunteering. The Streif itself is nothing new to me, I know it from top to bottom. However, I’m really looking forward to being in the slip crew and will be helping out all week if needs be.” Alex Katholnig (K.S.C.): “Forming relay teams when we come to the steep sections. We’re very happy about the volunteers’ support.”