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Soldiers rally at the Streif finish line


Before the Austrian Armed Forces' traditional support role at the Hahnenkamm Races begins, a ceremonial welcome has taken place in the finish area, accompanied by light snowfall. 100 soldiers will be helping to prepare the Streif and Ganslern slopes from Wednesday onwards. Visit our website to find out more.


An unusual sight unfolded at the foot of the Streif on Monday afternoon. Accompanied by light snowfall, soldiers from the Wintersteller barracks in St. Johann in Tirol and the Haspinger barracks in Lienz assembled between the Red Bull finish house and Rasmushof, where a large delegation of employees from the Hahnenkamm Races were waiting to welcome the Austrian Armed Forces and thank them for the support they provide. 89 soldiers were in attendance and 100 will be ready for action from Wednesday onwards: "We provide support with the preparation of the Streif and Ganslern slopes," says Lieutenant Gabriel Mairhofer, Head of Operations and deputy Company Commander of the 2nd Jäger Company in St. Johann. His troops are well prepared: "All of them have completed the ' Winter Mountain Specialised Troop Training ', which includes basic mountain training, skiing and the technique of moving around in alpine terrain on crampons," explains Gabriel Mairhofer.

Chief of Race Mario Mittermayer-Weinhandl, Streif Piste Manager Herbert Hauser and OC Chief Michael Huber expressed their sincere thanks for their commitment and help on the mountain: "We also hope you enjoy the experience," said Michael Huber to the soldiers, for whom this mission is not without favour.

"It's always exciting for the soldiers to experience the biggest ski race in the world at such close quarters and have the opportunity to help out," said the Head of Operations on behalf of his motivated troops. The mission on the Streif and Ganslern starts on Wednesday.

Photo © K.S.C./alpinguin


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