HKR 2017

Start List Hahnenkamm Super-G

Start List Hahnenkamm Super-G
Premiere at K3 Congress Centre, home of the Organizing Committee of the Hahnenkamm Races: ORF broadcast the Team Captain’s Meeting live on the special ORF Sport Plus channel. What did viewers get to see? On the one hand, a detailed report by FIS Race Director, Markus Waldner, who also confirmed the programme for tomorrow (start at 11:30 hrs). On the other, several comments from KSC President Michael Huber, who also informed that the races will be screened to 160 countries this year. Chief of Race, Axel Naglich, also wished Klaus Brandner who fell in training, a speedy recovery on behalf of the entire HKR team. The meeting was followed by a draw for the start list for Friday's Super-G, which will be opened by Germany's Andreas Sander. Marcel Hirscher will be the first Austrian to go into the race with start number four. Print the entire start list here.
Sander, AndreasGER
2Guay, ErikCAN
3Feuz, BeatSUI
4Hirscher, MarcelAUT
5Reichelt, HannesAUT
6Theaux, AdrienFRA
7Kilde, Aleksander AamodtNOR
8Innerhofer, ChristofITA
9Jansrud, KjetilNOR
10Weibrecht, AndrewUSA
11Paris, DominikITA
12Fill, PeterITA
13Mayer, MatthiasAUT
14Ganong, TravisUSA
15Kriechmayr, VincentAUT
16Kline, BostjanSLO
17Cook, DustinCAN
18Pinturault, AlexisFRA
19Janka, CarloSUI
20Franz, MaxAUT
21Weber, RalphSUI
22Ferstl, JosefGER
23Biesemeyer, ThomasUSA
24Giezendanner, BlaiseFRA
25Roger, BriceFRA
26Sejersted, AdrianNOR
27Hudec, JanCZE
28Baumann, RomedAUT
29Casse, MattiaITA
30Caviezel, MauroSUI