HKR 2018

Super-G Press Conference

Matthias Mayer (1st): “It is an incredible feeling for me to top the winner’s podium, especially after my injury. After already taking two silver „Gams“ trophies home, I am delighted they have now been given a golden brother.” Christof Innerhofer (2nd): “An unbelievable day. Not even I thought I would end up on the winner’s podium today, because I wasn’t sure if I could compete at all after my injury. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t give it too much head space.” Beat Feuz (3rd): “I have three „Gams“ trophies at home now. I am certainly not planning to complain about it not being a gold one again. The Hausbergkante was the deciding section of today’s race.”

Complete Press Conference

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