HKR 2020

The Fan Zone in the historic town centre: A yearly highlight


The Fan Zone in the historic town centre is equipped with everything spectators could possibly wish for. Catering services, as well as the entertainment provided are varied. Kitzbühel authorities have entrusted Rass&Dorner with organising a uniform sound system throughout the entire town centre.

Interview with Thomas Rass

What are fans offered in the town centre this year? What can they look forward to?
We are offering plenty of entertainment again this year. Kronehit are our radio partners again, who will be filling the town centre with great sounds via 26 loudspeaker systems. We also have another presenter and second stage at Schulpark, where there will be live acts and U1 is responsible for the music. A live band will always play from 14:00 hrs, including acts such as die jungen Thierseer, Mark Pircher or Melissa Naschenweng.

We have also installed five video walls, where we intend to create live-TV scenarios, with an editorial team of cameramen and radio reports. Fans will be interviewed here, competitions held and there will be a great atmosphere. Celebrities such as a Formula 1 driver or Andreas Gabalier will also drop by, which we will use to make a story.

How long does it take to get everything ready?
We actually start straight after the Hahnenkamm Weekend ends, as we constantly need to orientate ourselves to adapt to current audience requirements, and these change rapidly. This means that planning goes on all year round.

Are there any changes or innovations compared to previous years?
Yes, a very big one actually. We started last year and have expanded it again this year. We have massively increased the choice of food on offer. In the past, you could only buy sausages and alcohol. This year, we have 21 food trucks serving a wide choice of delicacies, ranging from fillet steaks to vegetarian products, as well an array of traditional dishes. Literally every palate is catered for.

What are the greatest organizational challenges?
Well, the biggest issue is dealing with crowds. This includes minimizing sources of danger and not creating obstacles. You also have to be well versed in crowd-flow management.

So you probably have an elaborate security concept in place?
Yes, it is very detailed, everyone is involved: the Red Cross, security staff, the security association, Samaritans and fire brigade. A fool-proof security concept was created using input from all these organisations. First aid is of course another major issue: we have to create an infrastructure that can bring injured people from A to B as quickly as possible and also save lives if necessary. Emergency vehicles must be given speedy access, for which there is a detailed plan. We certainly have the best rescue concept of all ski races – because the best races need the best concept.

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