HKR 2018

The first race is over, the ski fest continues

„No matter where you come from - everyone is friends here in Kitzbühel“, explains a man with a black-red-gold wig and clinks glasses with an Austrian fan. Long after the 80 athletes who competed at today's Super-G have crossed the finishing line, you still meet up with people from all over the world in the finish area. Streidinger fans spelt out „O-T-I“ in giant letters next to the grandstand, in reference to his christian name, Otmar. They are delighted to be here, because there is one thing they are all absolutely sure about: „There's more coming tomorrow!“ The Swiss fans who travelled to the races in support of their favourite, Carlo Janka, are certain: „He was only bluffing today - he's going to be on the winner's Podium tomorrow". One man dressed as a panda revelaed himself to be an Andrew Weibrecht fan. He travels every year from New York to the races to cheer on his fellow countryman. „I am particualrly pleased, of course, that he was so good today.“ Most of the spectators are on their way to the centre of Kitzbühel now, before all the action continues at 16:45 hrs with the Hahnenkamm Combined-Slalom.

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