HKR 2018

The Hahnenkamm countdown is on

In 100 days, the Streif will again be the focus of the international skiing world. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the 77th races in Kitzbühel. The countdown is on. Work is going on all over the place along the Streif. "We are currently installing 1,700 m of A-safety nets”, says Gerhard Raffler, chief of mountain operations. Materials are also being transported and deposited alongside the racecourse, so everything is ready when needed. Twelve kilometres of spectator fences, the so-called “Hahnenkamm Fences”, are being installed, for which over 8,000 mounting rods will be required. Moreover, 1,500 m of G-fences and around 5,500 PC/PVC rods needs erecting. There is also much to do on the Streif and Ganslernhang. “We are making the most of every single day before the snow comes, to ensure we are well-prepared”, says OC President, Michael Huber Program


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