HKR 2019

Timing is a technical highlight!


The Timekeeping Team is up and running in Kitzbühel long before the racers arrive. Hans and Manuel Gosch are responsible for timekeeping on behalf of race organizers, the Kitzbühel Ski Club.

“The cable circuits in particular require regular monitoring and maintenance”, explains Hans Gosch. There are 100 pairs of copper circuits installed alone between the Hahnenkamm start and finish line. The Downhill course is equipped with eleven positions, including seven split time facilities, three speed measurements and four back-up starts, which are ready for use at any time. His son, Manuel, has been in the team for two years now, something of which Hans Gosch is particularly proud.  “My son is a talented technician and my job has also been a great help. Technology and IT is not only our profession, it is our hobby too”, says Hans happily when asked how he came to acquiring his position in the HKR Organizing Committee.

"The Super-G is equipped with four split times, a speed measurement and backup start," says Manuel Gosch, “the Slalom has three split times”. As a consequence, Manuel and Hans Gosch are also responsible for the eight video walls and five scoreboards alongside the racecourse and in the finish area. A designated timekeeping team from Switzerland is also on site, while the Hahnenkamm Race Organizing Committee are responsible for the technical groundwork. This all goes hand in hand with transferring accrued data to the host broadcaster. “A rather complex undertaking”, say the two technicians. “Everything should operate perfectly by no later than the first training session, which is a kind of training session for us too”.

Manuel and Hans Gosch are responsible for coordinating timekeeping, video wall screenings, as well as TV and commentator coverage. 

Photo © K.S.C

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