HKR 2018

Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel Cable Car Co. have produced over 250,000 cubic metres of snow

73 high power snow canons, six more than last year, have produced a roughly 70-centimetre-thick layer of snow on the Streif and Ganslernhang race tracks. Josef Burger, head of the “Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel” Cable Car co., reports that an estimated 250,000 cubic metres of snow have been produced and spread across an area of 36 hectares in preparation for the 76th Hahnenkamm Races. The total cost for snow production at these World Cup races amounts to 10 million Euros, which includes the purchase of equipment, pipeline costs, shafts, control cables as well as the Seidlalm II reservoir. 3,500 horsepower to prepare the piste: Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel has a fleet of 31 state of the art snow grooming machines, seven of which are being used solely on the race courses Streif and Ganslern. Six have been fitted with rope winches, which are essential for use on extremely steep slopes (gradients: Mausefalle: 85 %, Traverse 90 %). That means that machinery with a total value of 3.15 million Euros and 3,500 horsepower is being used on the race course. Here are some interesting facts with regards to preparation work: on average, four piste machines were in action for ten days, 8 hours a day (320 hours). Head of the Bergbahn AG Cable Car co. reports that, despite warm temperatures over the past few weeks, preparation for the 76th Hahnenkamm-Races was never at risk. “The Streif downhill run has been open to the public since 28th November – and it’s in perfect condition.” Questions were only raised with regards to the preparation of Hausbergkante and Traverse. The reason for this is the thermal surface inversion that runs right between Hausbergkante and Zielschuss, says Burger. What is more, the final preparation of this section is complicated by the extreme steep and sloping terrain, which is why a 50-centimetre-thick layer of snow is essential. Year after year, the driven and dedicated team at Bergbahn AG Cable Car co. ensure that the Hahnenkamm-Races are carried out successfully. They share their goal with the K.S.C.: providing perfect conditions for the racers.  

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