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Coordination discussions and racecourse inspection

Coordination discussions and racecourse inspection

The sport and technical team from ORF met with the HKR Organization Committee today to discuss the finer details of TV broadcasting of the Hahnenkamm Races.  In addition to diverse discourse on technical issues, a course inspection of the Streif and Ganslern racecourses took place. Camera positions and settings were debated, as well as technical updates and innovative ideas. HKR fans can already look forward to watching perfect pictures of the races at Hahnenkamm.

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10.08.2018 11:55
Office closed

Peter Gerdol an der Hausbergkante.

01.08.2018 08:32 5
FIS European Cup Coordinator Peter Gerdol and the HKR team were spotted amongst the many hiking fans basking in high summer temperatures along the Streif during the summer inspection.

Full programme in the Hahnenkamm Week