HKR 2018

Hausberg Gets a Net


At this time of the year, Kitzbühel residents enjoy keeping an eye on all the activities on the Hahnenkamm. Their glances often sweep from the town up to the Hausberg Querfahrt and Traverse sections of the Streif, where a new system is currently being developed. A walking excavator is securing anchor foundations.

New anchors are now being installed, which will serve as a mounting system for a new facility on the racetrack. A net will prevent snow from slipping down the hill, similar to those that have been used on ski jumps for many years. Until now, there was a wooden avalanche defence system on the Querfahrt, which is now to be complemented by a snow retention system. The net will be installed in autumn and then dismantled the following spring. 

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Beschneiung am Hausberg. Foto: © KSC/HKR

17.11.2017 07:41 9
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14.11.2017 14:13
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