HKR 2020

Final rehearsal on the Streif: Frenchman Clarey achieves best time


Today’s final Downhill training took place in ideal weather conditions and in front of a remarkably large crowd of spectators. Johan Clarey made the best impression: The French racer conjured up a magnificent run, effortlessly securing first place at this final rehearsal. Clarey feels at home in Kitzbühel, already having bagged third place in last year’s Super-G. “I skied very well at the top. I hope I’ll be able to repeat this performance on Saturday. Of course, to come first would be a dream come true.”

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde came second in the final training: The Norwegian is one of the firm favourites for the Downhill title and seems positive: “Kitzbühel is just magnificent, I really enjoy being here.”

Austrian racer, Matthias Mayer, completed the podium by coming third. “It was a good training run. I’m amazed at how many people came to watch. The racecourse is smooth and in great condition from top to bottom.”

Though fastest in the first training run, not all went to plan for Kjetil Jansrud. Even after a mistake in the upper course section, the Norwegian still landed in twelfth place. Wengen champion, Beat Feuz, also landed outside the top 10 after slowing down early before the finish line. “It goes without saying that I’ll give my all this weekend”, commented the Swiss contender for first place.

All athletes agreed on one thing: The Streif is in optimum condition this year. After two ideal training sessions, the athletes, coaches and host alike are ready for the 80th Hahnenkamm Race Weekend. As is custom, it will all kick off tomorrow with the traditional Super-G (start time: 11:30 hrs). The next Hahnenkamm spectacle will follow on Saturday with the Streif Downhill, also starting at 11:30 hrs. The Kitzbühel winter games will come to a close on Sunday with the Slalom (1st run at 10:30 hrs/2nd run at 13:30 hrs).

Here you will find an overview of the final Downhill training results:

Result List 2nd Training Downhill 2020


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