HKR 2018

FIS-Inspection on the Streif and Ganslern

v.l.: HKR Chief of Race Axel Naglich, ROC-Chief Michael Huber, die FIS Race Directors Hannes Trinkl und Emanuel Couder mit FIS Chief Race Director Markus Waldner.

During the summer, FIS Chief Race Director Markus Waldner as well as FIS Race Directors Hannes Trinkl and Emmanuel Couder pay the World Cup organisers an annual visit. By sharing information with the Organising Committee, they aim to increase the quality of the World Cup Races.

In preparation for the 78th Hahnenkamm-Races 2018,  Hahnenkamm Chief of Race Axel Naglich, head of OC Michael Huber and others responsible for the „Streif“ and „Ganslern“ race courses came together for a preliminary meeting, at which many details were discussed. Several topics covered in the meeting will be realised over the next few months. A written inspection report will officially be finalised in time for this autumn’s FIS-Meeting, which will take place at the beginning of October.


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Beschneiung am Hausberg. Foto: © KSC/HKR

17.11.2017 07:41 9
Im November beginnt für das Schneiteam KitzSki der Bergbahn AG die Hochsaison. Allerdings auch die Wochen zuvor wird fleißig an allen Ecken und Enden gewerkelt. Nach der ersten Schneeauflage...

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14.11.2017 14:13
Greetings from the Hahnenkamm

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