HKR 2018

Hermann Maier

No other athlete has triumphed as many times in Kitzbühel’s Super-G as Hermann Maier. He took the Super-G title no less than five times on the Streif, as well as the Downhill in 2001. Maier is undoubtedly one of Hahnenkamm’s legends. Hermann Maier competed in Kitzbühel for the first time in 1999, in the Downhill and Slalom on the Ganslernhang Slope. After winning two Olympic gold medals and his spectacular fall in Nagano in 1998, he had already achieved hero status when he arrived at the races. However, everything did not go to plan.  He was eliminated in the first event, a Downhill Sprint in two heats. He finished eighth in the Downhill and did not even cross the finishing line in the Slalom. The following year, Hermann Maier triumphed in the Super-G, came fourth in the Downhill and took third place in the Combined. In January 2001, he was able to take gold in both speed disciplines in Kitzbühel, the Downhill and Super-G.  He suffered a terrible motorbike accident in August, which shocked the ski world and forced Maier off the competitive ski circuit to recuperate. "Herminator", as his fans called him, celebrated the most emotional victory of his career in 2003.  “Hermann Maier is back” blazed across the media headlines. 17 months after his major accident and only 13 days after re-emerging on the ski scene, he won the Super-G. This victory outshone them all.  He topped the winner’s podium again in 2005 and 2006 and competed his last race in Kitzbühel on 24th January 2009. Hermann Maier’s Kitzbühel Successes 1st place Super-G 2000 3rd place Downhill 2000 1st place Super-G 2001 1st place Downhill 2001 1st place Super-G 2003 2nd place Super-G 2004 1st place Super-G 2005 1st place Super-G 2006 2nd place Super-G 2008

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