HKR 2019

Mowing on the Streif

Von links: Bergchef Gerhard Raffler, Jakob Hetzenauer, KSC-Präsident Michael Huber, HKR-Rennsekretär Peter Eder.


His work commenced every year in autumn, when the cows moved down from their summer grazing pastures. Jakob Hetzenauer sharpened his scythe and began to mow the Streif from top to bottom. "This is no easy job, you are constantly standing at an angle to the mountain with your weight shifted on one side, while taking care not to slip with the scythe," concluded Hetzenauer.

Jakob Hetzenauer started working on the Streif in 1978 and is probably better acquainted with its characteristics and undulating terrain than anyone else. He particularly appreciates his tool, the scythe, “Which always has to be perfectly sharpened, otherwise you would never get ahead," reports the sprightly Streif mower. It is important to pay attention to all areas, even the cultivated alpine pastures need looking after, in order to preserve these grazing lands for the future. Those responsible for organizing the Hahnenkamm Races, Kitzbühel Ski Club, have always greatly appreciated Jakob Hetzenauer’s work.  For this reason, it was decided that his efforts would be rewarded with the Gold Hahnenkamm Medal of Honour.” The award was presented to him by K.S.C. President, Michael Huber: “Jakob, may we offer you our heartfelt thanks and take this opportunity to present you with this award. Congratulations!”

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