HKR 2021

Nothing can happen this year without tests


The Hahnenkamm Races would not be possible in 2021 without tight safety measures, an extensive prevention concept and a tireless Covid team.

A position that did not even exist a year ago, while in 2021, the races would not have been possible at all without a Covid officer. Working days have been long over the last few weeks for our Covid coordinator, Lisa Hagsteiner and her team, because the job didn't just start with Race Week. "Our preparations have been going on for three months and include the prevention concept, safety measures, protocols and of course testing, testing, testing." Regular testing of all Hahnenkamm race officials started three weeks before the race.  

The rules are just as strict for all those travelling to Kitzbühel for the races. "No journalist or athlete receives accreditation in Kitzbühel and thus access to the event area without presenting us with a current negative test," says Lisa Hagsteiner, whose employees are of course also out and about on the Streif: "I can't manage all this on my own and that's why, in addition to the many helping hands in the Race Office, I have two super hard-working men on the hill - one in the start area, one in the valley. They make sure that masks are being worn and minimum distances observed, and are of course contact persons for questions about Covid.

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Finally, may we just say thanks!

25.01.2021 16:32
The 81st Hahnenkamm Races came to an end on Monday, 25th January. It is now time to say thank you to all those involved, as well as our fans.

Finally, may we just say thanks!