HKR 2019

Piste inspection

Piste inspection

The first piste inspection was carried out today, Sunday, 14th January 2018, by FIS Race Director Hannes Trinkl in preparation for the 78th Hahnenkamm Races. He also used the time to discuss course setting for the Downhill with the Chief of Piste and gave the safety team detailed instructions with regards to the course and safety netting layout. On the whole, Hannes Trinkl was in positive spirits. The remaining jury, as well as competing teams, will be arriving on Monday.

Photo © K.S.C.

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Schneehaltenetze am Hausberg entfernt

25.04.2018 10:23 4
Temporäre Lawinenverbauung wurde in der Hausberg Traverse entfernt

Schneehaltenetze am Hausberg entfernt
Bob Beattie (links) mit Toni Sailer und Serge Lang.

03.04.2018 13:48 2
Thank you Bob Beattie!

Bob Beattie, a legend has died