HKR 2017

Swiss racer wins EC premiere

Swiss racer wins EC premiere
Gilles Roulin, who is something of an unknown quantity, won the first Europacup-Downhill on the Streif during the 77th Hahnenkamm-Race Week. While his fellow racers were having a tough time on the course, which was a little shorter compared to the World Cup length (Start: Mausefalle/Finish: Oberhausberg), the 22-year-old Swiss racer with bib number 22 set the best time. So far, Roulin has landed only one other podium position at an EC-Race. Adrian Smiseth Sejersted (NOR) was hot on his heels and came in second, only four hundredths of a second behind Roulin and Nicolas Raffort (FRA) came third. Johannes Kröll (+0,56 seconds) was the fastest ÖSV-Racer (Austrian Ski Association), racing to sixth place. However, the 25-year-old’s run was not without its faults. “Things were going wrong from the beginning. I didn’t get off to a clean start and had a problem at the first bump. I really wanted to hit the Steilhang at full speed, but noticed that my ski kept pulling away”, he describes his run. “When I got to the finish I was quite annoyed about being behind. I actually had it all under control.” However, he praised the EC premiere: “It’s the best race we’ve had in the Europacup so far, for sure.” Stefan Babinsky (8.), Frederic Berthold (9th) and Joachim Puchner (10th) are the other three ÖSV racers who made it into the Top-10. Berthold, who came third at the World Cub-Combined in Wengen, is a little annoyed: “I messed up my entrance to the Steilhang and lost a lot of time because of it.” Now he wants to concentrate on the Hahnenkamm-Downhill this Saturday, where he claims to have a sure spot on the start list. “That was actually my main reason for racing in today’s Downhill: to get a feel for part of the course.” Brennan Rubie (USA) surprised us all in his run today. With bib number 86 and last to race, his result (15th place) was all the more impressive. “My last Downhill was three years ago and I broke my leg doing it. I just wanted to have fun today”, explains Rubie, who used the time between the piste inspection and the race to explore the Kitzbühel Ski Resort. Hans Pum, Sport Director of the ÖSV, praised the athletes after watching them race: “Skiing on this World Cup course is a very special occasion indeed. It’s a great opportunity for the athletes to get to know the Streif. I would also like to congratulate the Kitzbühel Ski Club (host of the Hahnenkamm-Races) for the professional organisation. To host an EC-Race as well as the Hahnenkamm-Races deserves respect”. Full Results of the Europacup-Downhill for downloading:
1 ROULIN Gilles SUI 1:22.78
2 SEJERSTED Adrian Smiseth NOR +0.04
3 RAFFORT Nicolas FRA +0.23
4 SCHMID Manuel GER +0.52
5 CATER Martin SLO +0.54
6 KROELL Johannes AUT +0.56
7 DE VETTORI Matteo ITA +0.64
8 BABINSKY Stefan AUT +0.72
9 BERTHOLD Frederic AUT +0.85
10 PUCHNER Joachim AUT +0.95
11 SCHWAIGER Dominik GER +1.05
12 KOECK Niklas AUT +1.12
13 PRAST Alexander ITA +1.20
15 RUBIE Brennan USA +1.27
16 THORSEN Alexander Sannes NOR +1.29
17 ROGENTIN Stefan SUI +1.32
18 SPORN Andrej SLO +1.37
19 BATTILANI Henri ITA +1.40
20 READ Jeffrey CAN +1.41
21 HEEL Werner ITA +1.44
21 HEMETSBERGER Daniel AUT +1.44
23 COOK Dustin CAN +1.58
24 CAZZANIGA Davide ITA +1.60
25 PERKO Rok SLO +1.62
26 BOSCA Guglielmo ITA +1.73
27 DUJAKOVIC Slaven AUT +1.75
28 CRAWFORD James CAN +1.84
29 BARANDUN Gian Luca SUI +1.86
30 MAAS Maximilian GER +1.88
31 SAUGESTAD Stian NOR +1.93
32 ALEXANDER Cameron CAN +1.94
33 SCHIEDER Florian ITA +1.96
34 HROBAT Miha SLO +1.98
35 BRANDNER Christof GER +2.00
36 MONSEN Felix SWE +2.20
37 ARZT Sebastian AUT +2.31
38 DANKLMAIER Daniel AUT +2.37
39 ARENE Martin FRA +2.41
40 HERMANN Sven SUI +2.42
41 BAILET Matthieu FRA +2.43
41 TAKATS Tristan AUT +2.43
43 NEUMAYER Christopher AUT +2.46
44 PAINI Federico ITA +2.59
45 MARTISCHNIG Mario AUT +2.61
46 SEGER Brodie CAN +2.66
47 MAYRPETER Thomas AUT +2.68
48 ZUERCHER Ramon SUI +2.70
49 ARNAUD Baptiste FRA +2.75
50 MOLTENI Nicolo ITA +2.82
51 FAARUP Christoffer DEN +2.89
52 PORWOL Philipp GER +2.90
52 MARKEGAARD Tomas NOR +2.90
54 KRENN Christoph AUT +2.91
55 KUZNETSOV Ivan RUS +3.02
56 MULLIGAN Sam CAN +3.04
57 TRANINGER Manuel AUT +3.33
58 ZAZZI Pietro ITA +3.39
59 PICCARD Roy FRA +3.41
60 LAENGST Heiner GER +3.47
61 FOURNIER Simon CAN +3.49
62 SUNDIN Olle SWE +3.51
63 ALPHAND Sam FRA +3.65
64 KLUSAK Michal POL +3.66
65 MARKO Moritz AUT +3.74
66 OLIVERAS Marc AND +3.78
67 SULZER Gregor AUT +3.79
68 ALPHAND Nils FRA +3.87
69 ATZ Christoph ITA +3.93
70 PLATTER Filip SWE +4.06
71 MONSEN Zack SWE +4.14
72 DEBELAK Tilen SLO +4.16
73 COURRIEU Kevin AND +4.21
74 CLEMENT Aubin FRA +4.48
75 AMSTUTZ Gianluca SUI +4.96
76 ULLRICH Max CRO +5.03
77 MATHIS Andreas AUT +5.09
79 PERRIER Lucas FRA +5.98
80 CERBO Nicolo ITA +6.34
81 ACHIRILOAIE Ioan Valeriu ROU +6.59
82 JENOT Olivier MON +6.61
83 SCHUETTER Julian AUT +9.67