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The Accommodation Office

The Accommodation Office

This man and his team make sure that all accredited guests who travel to Kitzbühel for Hahnenkamm Race Week have a roof over their heads:

Luggi Woydt

Head of the Accreditation Office, which cooperates with the region’s tourism associations and is responsible for logistics during Race Week. Guests include the athletic teams, media representatives and K.S.C. ski sport aficionados. “The Hahnenkamm Races are always a challenge. Our jurisdiction spans a radius of 60 to 70 kilometres.”

With so many international guests turning up at the office, cultural savoir-faire is just as important as language skills. “A few years ago, seven or eight Norwegian journalists turned up by bus at midnight – spontaneously and without prior registration.” Even in exceptional cases such as these and thanks to the smooth cooperation with local hotels, the Accommodation Office employees have always managed to find empty rooms ready to be filled.

Photo © K.S.C.

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