HKR 2019

Michael Huber: “I’m in good spirits“

Michael Huber: “I’m in good spirits“

„I’m in good spirits.“ K.S.C. President Michael Huber has a positive outlook on the next few days.

„The course is in good condition, the piste is fast“

...Axel Naglich concludes.

However, today’s Team Captain’s Meeting did not only revolve around the weather and piste conditions: Michael Huber congratulated the Junior Race teams, who made some outstanding achievements on the Ganslernhang today, especially Team Austria1 (1st place), Team Tirol (2nd place) and Team Austria2 (3rd place).

Michael Huber also welcomed over 20 former Hahnenkamm champions, who are expected to arrive in Kitzbühel during Race Week: for now, Swiss racer and two-time Hahnenkamm winner (2009, 2014) Didier Defago accepted these warm words of welcome in their stead.
Photo © K.S.C.

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