HKR 2019

Behind the scenes – Accreditation Office

Behind the scenes – Accreditation Office

In addition to athletes and ski-aficionados, Kitzbühel welcomes journalists from all over the world every year.

“We’re expecting between 500 and 600 journalists, who will all receive accreditation”

...explains Andrea Pfeifer, responsible for media accreditation. The press hall is equipped with 200 seats, where they can work undisturbed. To get to their seat, however, they require accreditation allowing them access to Zone 6. “The main arrival period is between Tuesday and Thursday”, Andrea Pfeifer elaborates, whose team works around the clock during this time of the week.

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Schneehaltenetze am Hausberg entfernt

25.04.2018 10:23 4
Temporäre Lawinenverbauung wurde in der Hausberg Traverse entfernt

Schneehaltenetze am Hausberg entfernt
Bob Beattie (links) mit Toni Sailer und Serge Lang.

03.04.2018 13:48 2
Thank you Bob Beattie!

Bob Beattie, a legend has died