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Piste preparation going well

Piste preparation going well

Last summer the Streif was officially re-approved, a regular process for racecourse inspections. Despite the highest of technical standards being required on the Streif, “everything went according to plan”, Chief of Piste Herbert Hauser confirms. A snow inspection at the beginning of January also went without hitch “thanks to all the natural snowfall and the Cable Car co.’s excellent artificial snow preparations.”

Only a few changes need to be made to the racecourse.

“From a course perspective, the Streif will always be the Streif”

...says Hauser, “but we always incorporate a few improvements and innovations with regards to safety and technical facilities.” When asked about what he thinks makes the legendary racecourse so unique, Hauser replies: “Anyone who has seen the Streif from the Start House knows: it drops immediately away into the steep ‘Mausefalle’ segment, followed by the even more demanding ‘Karussellkurve’ and ‘Steilhang’ sections before the racers cross the ‘Hausbergkante’ and hit the ‘Traverse’ at 140km/h. It’s spectacular from start to finish.”

Photo © K.S.C.

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